Ashtanga Hridayam: Ayurvedic Principles of Nutrition

Journey into the heart of Ayurveda

Live Streamed with Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath

March 6 - June 19, 2017 on Monday evenings from 6-7:30pm

Approved PACE program by NAMA: 18 AHC, 20 AP/AD credits


Ashtanga Hridayam, the “Heart or Essence of all the Eight Branches of Ayurveda,” is one of the fundamental ancient root texts of Ayurveda. It is written in a poetic form with beautiful Sanskrit verse, making it easier for a student to remember important subjects in a concise form. Today the Ashtanga Hridayam continues to serve as a root source for Ayurvedic philosophy and protocol, providing clear guidelines in all aspects of health, including nutrition.


Study the ancient principles of nutrition - straight from the source

As an Ayurveda student, practitioner or enthusiast, you know how important it is to use the authentic teachings of the ancient Vedic texts, though acquiring this information can seem like a daunting task. In this course, you will be guided by Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath word-by-word, illuminating the deepest aspects of the Ayurvedic principles.


Studying Chapter 5 & part of Chapter 6 of the text, you’ll discover the traditional Ayurvedic philosophy behind the use of fluid ingredients, such as water, dairy, oils, wine and vinegar, and also begin to study solid foods such as grains, meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. The ancient slokas identify their qualities, health benefits and methods of utilization.


Deepen your knowledge and become outstanding in the field

Chanting the slokas together, you'll experience the richness of the beautiful ancient verse and feel the healing vibration of the words - the heart of Ayurveda! If you are new to Ayurveda, this course will set a stellar foundation for your studies. If you have already commenced your studies in Ayurveda, journeying into the root text will allow you to immerse yourself further and become truly outstanding in the field.



Meet the Instructor, Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath




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Visit the earlier chapters of the Ashtanga Hridayam

Watch the archived class recordings for Chapters 1-4.

Please note: NAMA PACE credits are not available for students who study archived class recording materials for this course.


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